Monday, May 9, 2011

I miss my yarn...

Oh how I miss my yarn. I miss my crochet and hooks. I have it beside my chair, staring up at me asking "When can you come and play?" I never have a good answer.

I miss gardening. I want to get my garden in but the house is not finished. I miss fresh garden veggies and herbs. But it will have to come later.

I miss neat. I spent 4 hours scraping the floors at the house today and putting up some curtains in the bedroom that is not even livable yet. Even though the bedroom isn't finished, I just wanted to see something pretty. Something that wasn't torn up, dirty, dust covered or half finished.

I miss energy. I got some blood work back and my eGFR was worse. The one kidney I have has been functioning at 30% for at least 5 yrs. Well, looks like it's slipping a bit. Maybe up to 3 points less. I know I haven't felt good in a long time but I wanted to blame it on everything else. I had a cold, my Vit D was low, I forgot my blood thinner, the sun was in my eyes...etc. The numbers have been on my mind a lot and I fight to keep from thinking about them.

I miss normal.

Yeah - I guess I need some cheese with my whine. Think I'll go see if we have any cheddar left.

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