Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dream a little dream...

I wanted to get this dream down so I could understand it. I was asking God questions before I went to sleep and I think the answers are in here.

Part 1 - Standing in the living room looking towards the back door. Herb was holding Lucy. She had what I thought was a bird in her mouth. Then it started to squirm. SHe released it and it was a rabbit. It ran off across the deck, jumped off and stopped at the pine tree. It shook off and blood sprayed everywhere. It fell down and died. It's neck was broke and nearly severed by the dog bite.

I ran into the house to get a towel to go grab up the rabbit out of the yard. I couldn't decide which one I would use. I was panicky. Didn't want to use a good one. So I was going to use paper towels but the roll was empty. I finally grabbed a towel and as I turn to run out the door a raccoon was trying to get in!
I shewed him out.

Part2 - The show girl in pink and purple with a feather headdress. Coming down. there were two male dancers on each side - maybe in tuxedos. She was singing.
"One love, looking for one love...only for one love...only for me."

Part 3 - We were getting out of an airship. I was given a hovercraft looking vehicle to drive out in space. I knew I didn't know how and I wasn't going to leave the ship until I learned how. I would fall into space! I was afraid.
I practiced on a course. Was challenged by some brown furry creatures...maybe a test?
I think I finally got out of there.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

What a day...

Today was the most unusual day. Church was amazing. The Holy Spirit was thick in the room. We felt His presence in every moment. My soul was uplifted and riding high. At then end of the service two very special people said their goodbyes to us all. Our music program that is of the highest caliber will be lacking now. I was so shocked. Never saw it coming. Oh how I will be praying for that family as they are off to work for the Lord. Keep them safe Father and bless them.

Just as I was able to catch my breath from that shocker it was told to me that another family is leaving and this was their last Sunday. That completely knocked the wind out of my sails. My husband knows the gentleman better than I do. But seeing the woman leave is very difficult for me. She is a prayer warrior that can do battle to the bitter end! She is gifted and operates in those gifts with such a sweet spirit. Again - my hope and prayer is that they will all be blessed in abundance.

Where is everyone going....

Monday, April 12, 2010

We were given what we needed

Our church has been through a hard road. When it looked like our ship was set adrift God sent a leader to us to get us through. He sent us an interim pastor that was not just the spiritual leader of our congregation but also a mother to us, a cheerleader, a hand holder during trials, and all with a glorious laugh that you can't help but laugh along with. So today I want to pray for her and ask God to bless her every day of her life. I ask you Father to heal her back and remove all the pain. Free her from that thorn today. This I ask in Jesus precious name.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Prayer Tracking

So many times I have thoughts about those in need of prayer, requests for prayer and just random thoughts that I want to write down. I usually get busy doing something else and then the request, or random thought gets lost in the wash of the day. So today I am starting this blog to put those who are in need out there and maybe others will feel compelled to join me in tracking the successes of my prayers. Please note! I didn't say successes and possible failures of my prayers. Why? Because ANY prayer lifted up to the throne of grace is a success. The act of lifting up someone that is in need is 99% of success. A prayer can only be answered if it is offered up to God. Once it is in God's trustworthy hands, then we are able to, by faith, believe that they are answered.

I guess now is as good a time as any to put in "THE DISCLAIMERS".

Disclaimer #1 - In order for me to blog about the things on my mind then I may use descriptions or even names of those who God has laid on my heart. So please don't be angry with me.
Disclaimer #2 - I have opinions on just about everything. They may not be your opinions and we may have to agree to disagree. The beauty of living in a country that celebrates it's freedom of speech is being exercised right here.

1. Today my heart is breaking for a family at church. I fasted and prayed for the miraculous healing of the dad. I will continue to pray and begin another fast to storm the gates of heaven with the belief that he will be healed.
You see - He has lung cancer and it is in a place that will not allow for surgery. Even though the devastation of hearing the "C" word and the turmoil that must be racing through each member of the family, I will continue to believe that this will be a testimony of God's power. The unbeliever will be amazed at God's mighty healing touch. This will be the beginning of a story that will be handed down through many generations to come! Praise God!

2. Lately I have been praying for my church. So many times there seems to be a void there. It seems as though we are pleading the Holy Spirit into people. Our interim pastor pleads with the church to bend it's knee at the alter and receive the blessing that God has for them. Oh how I pray for a Day of Pentecost for Family Tab Church. In my mind's eye I can see the flames of fire dancing above the heads of the members there. I can almost feel the rush of angels as they flood into the sanctuary. I pray for a rushing wind to blow through there and clean out the temple. Clean out the comfortable pew warmers! Blow out the pride and prejudices. Melt away the anger and the secret sins. Come Lord Jesus and remind us all of the model church that was originally conceived after you ascended into heaven. Revive our leaders and bring forth the elders to adjudicate the needs of our church. We are moving into a new season and in that season I pray for the model church to be be reborn.

3. Father, I want to thank you for a special lady in our church who touches my heart. Her name is Cathy. She is brave beyond measure and a true servant of your kingdom. Her spaghetti sauce is awesome and she feeds our bellies and our spirits through her service! What a kind and gentle spirit she is. Even though her husband is thousands of miles away serving our country, she keeps a smile and keeps on serving. Again - thank you Father for this dear member of our church. I pray she feels loved and supported during this time.

So until something else comes to mind I will close this, my first page, of my blog and wait on the Lord.